About the event

hackCBS 4.0, a bequest being nurtured by the accordant individuals of SSCBS aims to team up the brains of programmers, designers, application developers and rookies in the realm of programming for the substantial development of a hack. We help you transform your thoughts into reality by providing an encouraging and inviting enviornment.
You’ll have all the opportunity to conceptualize your ideas with the learned individuals of industry, create a product, innovate new things, and most importantly, enjoy memorable moments with your friends. One thing which goes without saying for a hackathon like hackCBS is that you stand a very good chance of networking with working professionals and community leaders. Thus, if you're a keen learner and explorer, we're sure, you wouldn't want to have a FOMO!

We welcome all newcomers and veterans alike. You are about to witness a series of events which will enlighten as well as enhance your skills to next level. If you're an experienced hacker then you already must be knowing about hackCBS - India's Biggest Student-run hackathon. Last year we witnessed a grand footfall of over 750 hackers from 20+ countries, fighting it all out to their position at the top while generating over 50,000 lines of code in the 48 hour long hackathon, requiring more than 5,000 cups of coffee to fuel the developers’ brains. But this time it’s gonna be different, ‘coz this time it’s going to be even grander.


29th - 31st October, 2021


Do you want to mentor hackers or judge some amazing projects in India's Largest student-run Hackathon?

Our Past Speakers

Jason Mayes

Senior Developer Advocate
for TensorFlow.js

Aravind Putrevu

Senior Developer Advocate

Kin Lane

Chief Evangelist

Dmitry Shklovsky


Sandeep Jain


Sahil Sen

Developer Evangelist

Saurabh Gupta

Senior Developer Advocate

Rajat Jain

Software Engineer II

Kunal Kushwaha

GSoC Mentor, MLH Fellowship,

Gurtej Singh

Program & Growth Manager
Board Infinity

Gagandeep Reehal

Founder, CEO & CTO
Minus Zero

Sambhav Jain

Software Engineer

Shivay Lamba

Head of Product

Arsh Goyal

SDE Intern at Samsung &
SWE Intern at ISRO

Angeline Chen

AWS Educate Student


First Prize

Total Prize of Worth $10,000
Cash Prize of 35,000INR

Second Prize

Total Prize of Worth $5,500
Cash Prize of 25,000INR

Third Prize

Total Prize of Worth $5,000
Cash Prize of 15,000INR

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hackathon?

As the name says, its a marathon for a hack. A hackathon can be best described as an “invention marathon”, or in simple words, hackathons are about bringing your crazy ideas to reality, through technology. It’s an event where anyone, regardless of their individual field can come & participate to learn, build & share their creations, in a relaxed & productive environment.

What is the last date of registration for hackCBS 4.0?

Registration will close on 29th October, 2021 at 4:00 PM.

How big a team can be?

The maximum team size is four but one man army are also welcome. Participants can also team up on the discord server. You can connect with other participants there and can find a team for yourself.

Do I need to have any specific qualifications to be a participant for the hackathon?

If you love to innovate, you are more than welcome to participate in the hackathon.

I'm not a citizen of India. Can I participate?

There is single eligibility criteria for this hackathon and that is sheer motivation. So if you are an international participant, you are always welcome to our hackathon.

I am a newbie, can I hack?

Of course you can! We at hackCBS ensure that no one is left behind during the hacking, thanks to our mentors and volunteers who help us achieve the same. We make sure that you learn the best you can alongside having fun and experiencing what it feels to belong to a community.

Is there any registration fees for participation?

We don't want to monetize learning, community, and innovation. So, there's no participation/registration fees.

Can I start working on my hack before the event?

No. In the interest of fairness, students should not be working on their projects before hackCBS begins and we do not allow participants to work on pre-existing projects. However, you can familiarize yourself with all the tools and technologies you intend to use beforehand.

What are the problem statements for hackCBS 4.0?

There are no problem statments for hackCBS 4.0. You can work on any problem statement of your choice. If you didn't know what are problem statements then for your reference, we have added some sample problem statements. You can check them in the themes section.

Are these are the only themes/tracks for the hackathon?

We never want to limit your innovation. Under the category of Open Innovation, you can work on any project of your choice which can be of any theme..

What is the shortlisting procedure?

Based on the info provided in the registration form, teams will be shortlisted for the hackathon.

Error 404 question not found?

Drop us a mail at connect@hackcbs.tech and we would be more than happy to answer your queries. Also, feel free to write if you'd like to volunteer for the event or be a mentor or judge!